Hello I’m Fi Cooper. Welcome to my online home. This is where you’ll find links to my handmade ceramics and to my writing.

In my a pottery making I use hand building techniques to make pieces informed by landscape, nature and times past. I write about nature, walking, craft and the occasional book review


I’m a potter using hand building techniques to make pieces informed by landscape, nature and times past. These influences may not be immediately apparent in all my work but very often a colourful sky will manifest in a glaze, a nature observation or a folk tale in a decoration, a historic pot in a shape. My pieces are tactile and decorative, I hope my love for the craft comes through in them.

I currently sell through FOLKSY.

Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash


Though I’m a bit of a sporadic writer, once I get going I love it! I cover my favourite things, which are – walking, coast and country, stories both fictional and not…I love a good haunting. And I love trees and all who dwell in, under and amongst them.

Book Reviews

I’m not a full on book blogger but I do enjoy reading and reviewing books – my big reading passions are nature writing (a fairly huge category these days!) and supernatural stories. I write about books I buy and sometimes people send them to me, which is always a delight.

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You can expect pottery news, book recommendations, nature notes, and things that have caught my eye online.

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You can usually find me on a country path or in the studio with my hands in some clay so you might find me in such a place. Or more likley in one of these places:

A bit about me

I live in the very old town of Abingdon (on Thames) with my husband and son. We’re near to the downs and the Cotswolds, and within easy striking of Oxford. The area surrounding our home is both ancient and modern. It’s not as near the the sea as I would like, but you can’t have everything can you?.

I love to walk in nature – I find it hugely restorative; by river or sea, up a hill or among the trees.