Almanac Inspired: January

This is my plan - I'll do a diary style post per month, drawing my inspiration from The Almanac by Lia Leendertz Last year I didn't manage to buy this lovely book until September, but once I had it I loved it...I ordered the 2019 one in November last year so I didn't make the… Continue reading Almanac Inspired: January

Rollright Stones – Dancing Faeries and Whispering Knights

This Sunday just gone I went on a small adventure with my friend Vikki to the Rollright Stones. We'd both seen a photo on Janina Ramirez's Instagram feed of a circle of dancing willow faeries so of course we had to investigate! Saturday had been dreadful, weather wise, but by Sunday the rain had gone … Continue reading Rollright Stones – Dancing Faeries and Whispering Knights

November Afternoon, Christ Church Meadow

November 1st. We're going into the dark now, I can feel it - though the clock change means we get light in the mornings (for now) the darkening evenings happen earlier and earlier; sunset is just after four thirty, my Lia Leendertz Almanac tells me. I feel I must get outside and walk as much… Continue reading November Afternoon, Christ Church Meadow

Spring is Here, and so is the Snake’s Head Fritillary

Over the years I've got to know the short part of the Thames path which is - delightfully - part of my commute (once it's dried out a bit after winter rain) really well. My favourite time of year here is spring, when the  blooms of the snake's head fritillary - the county flower of… Continue reading Spring is Here, and so is the Snake’s Head Fritillary

How to Survive LEGOLAND When You’re Not a Legoland Kind of Person

Let me say, to start, that I would rather be up a mountain, on a beach or in a forest than at Legoland. However, we have a ten year old; so for anyone who immediately thinks "you could just not go" (I include myself in this group) this visit was inevitable really. Top of the… Continue reading How to Survive LEGOLAND When You’re Not a Legoland Kind of Person

Postcard From The Edge (of Yorkshire)

A half term trip to my parents in Lincolnshire - and a corresponding spot of fantastic sunny weather - gave me the opportunity to visit Spurn, the strip of land which loops out over the Humber Estuary, at the very edge of Yorkshire,  and ends in Spurn Point. I don't know why I've left it so long (the… Continue reading Postcard From The Edge (of Yorkshire)

Landscape and Light of Skye

When you go to Scotland on holiday it would be a bit much to expect Mediterranean style sunshine requiring the sporting of bikinis and suncream wouldn't it? Well, luckily, that's exactly what didn't happen (and anyway, bikinis and I are strangers these days). What we got was a proper old mixture of Scottish Weather. We… Continue reading Landscape and Light of Skye

A Short Walk up Wittenham Clumps

A short drive from here there is a big hill and a slightly smaller hill, each has a stand of trees on top, they're called, rather delightfully,  Wittenham Clumps. They're our go to place for a quick weekend afternoon walk of a distance tolerable to a reluctant eight year old, if the drive to nearish… Continue reading A Short Walk up Wittenham Clumps

Waiting for a Leaf To Fall (in Wytham Woods)

In my imagination a walk through the woods with the boy would be carefree and happy, he would be running along ahead skipping through the leaves and have a jolly time, while the husband and I follow on hand in hand discussing what we'll have in the pub for lunch at the end of the walk (this pub, of… Continue reading Waiting for a Leaf To Fall (in Wytham Woods)

A Walk in the Oxfordshire Woods

We're lucky to have a garden which ends at the edge of a nature reserve, so our own trees merge in nicely with those in the reserve (and there are some giants, as we found out when one came down in the storm a couple of years ago). On a quiet morning, with your back to the… Continue reading A Walk in the Oxfordshire Woods